My Trayvon Martin Rant


Let’s face reality: in the light of day black people are what America hates. In the dark of night, black people are what America fears. That’s why an armed white man can follow an unarmed black boy down a street, kill him and say, “I had to do it. I feared for my safety.”

Of course you did. Black people are America’s bogyman.

What the Zimmerman verdict proves is that for a white man to be convicted of killing a black boy, that boy has to be in the fetal position for 20 minutes before he is shot.

Not that any of this comes as a surprise. The black man in America can serve, but he’s nobody’s hero. He can work, but he stole somebody’s job. His good deeds are never good enough to supersede his misdeeds.

That said, I now realize …


Wishes Do Come True


I wish Mildred hadn’t called to tell me the verdict, but I know she wanted to vent and share her outrage – and I wanted to know.

I wish I didn’t hurt so much, but I guess if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a heart.

I wish I didn’t fear that black people aren’t just losing ground but being buried.

I’ll never know what really happened, but I do know …


This Is The Real Story


Hopped up on marijuana he smoked some time before and armed with Skittles candy and an ice tea, Trayvon Martin walked down a public street.

Fortunately, a self-appointed hero saw him and realized his real intentions. George Zimmerman was cloaked with indignation over the criminal activity of others, and armed with a handgun.

There was a confrontation.

Could the 17-year-old unarmed youth have feared for his life wile being confronted by an armed man? Of course not. Trayvon Martin was black. He didn’t’ know fear – he was fear. Anyway, you have to be armed and following someone after the police tells you not to, to be in fear.

A shot rang out.

Someone was dead.

Trayvon Martin was dead.

George Zimmerman had to do it. That’s what he said. He wouldn’t lie.

Trayvon Martin couldn’t have been fighting to get George Zimmerman off of him. That’s not the point of a fight. All fights are life or death. You can look at George Zimmerman’s wounds – described by medical personnel as superficial – to prove that.

Let’s face it, Trayvon Martin met all the requirements to get shot in the name of fear: he was big (if you call less than six feet tall and 158 pounds big) and black and he was fighting back. No, I’m sorry, he started it. Even if he didn’t throw the first pound he started it by being there, so what if his father lived in the neighborhood.

Thank you, George Zimmerman. Who knows what Trayvon Martin would have done had he not been stopped. Actually, he would have gone back to his father’s house and watched the basketball game.

Doesn’t matter. Crisis averted. And all it took was a killing.

But  …


The Trayvon Martin trial reminded me that if I didn’t know there is God, I wouldn’t want to believe there is a God …

It’s sad that white people feel free to rationalize the murder of black kids as justified because A) I was scared, B) he was black or C) all of the above …


What I learned …


Black people need to realize that there are some white people who are not afraid of us, but hate us. And while you may hate what you fear, you never fear what you hate … because hate – real hate – is stronger than fear.


The End  

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